Where, Oh Where, Did Apollo Land?


One morning back in ‘69, Apollo splashed buckets of rainbow stripes across the carriage of Victor Wheels, which until that point, had sported an industrious and faded grey,  much like the retired naval officer in whose palm Apollo had slapped ten crumpled twenties.

Apollo assumed credit for the technicolor paintjob, but it was Moonshine who had conceived the idea, inspired by the dawn one bleary-eyed morning, stumbling back to Victor Wheels, arm in arm with Apollo, from the Fillmore show, apple juice and electric guitar trickling down their neurons.  They crested Parnassus Street,  and found their sweet chariot, basking in the kaleidoscopic glow of dawn. 

A rainy morning some forty years later, while stopping at a traffic light, Moonshine, now Jane, a churchgoing grandmother of seven, passes a Bug identical to the ancient Victor Wheels.  Time thumps a dusty heartstring, conjuring distant melodies and long-lost adventures.  

Her gaze lingers, the technicolor Victor Wheels and a summer of love hovering in the rearview.  Victor appears dapper and respectable, now, cloaked in white.  The light changes and Jane turns onto Union, musing about roads traveled and wondering, where oh where did Apollo land?