Avi Loves Rush

Avi, our six-year-old son, loves Rush Limbaugh, which is strange.  His mother, Pam, and I are both academics, (and proud to say so, even in this day and age,) so we find it odd that while other boys are out in the sunshine, riding bikes and playing wiffle ball, our little Avi sits inside, listening to talk radio for three hours a day. 

We feel torn.  We want to give our children the freedom to discover their own passions.  We both had overbearing tyrants as parents, parents who ordered us around and gave us rigorous schedules, so we wanted Avi to follow his own path.  All the same, we’ve been hoping that in time, he'd become tired of the mean-spirited diatribes, but he's only become more strident.

Pam and I tried explaining to Avi that the big fat man in the radio was nothing but a mean-spirited bully, but when we did, Avi called us weak-kneed liberals and blamed us for the decay of society.  At the dinner table, he needles his siblings, Gloria, 5, and Eldridge, 3, saying that we only feed them so they'll stay dependent and weak.  He's pretty hard on his siblings, so we’ve tried everything to change his behavior, such as limiting his intake of television, radio, and junk food.  Naturally, he said our regulations were restricting his growth and freedom. 

His behavior has become an issue at school as well.  His first grade teacher has complained that during play time, Avi hoards all of the toys, and when she asked him to share, he calls her a communist.  His PE coach told us that Avi refuses to take part in any of the games, preferring instead to stand on the sidelines and laugh at everyone else's mistakes.

When we asked Avi about these complaints, he started ranting against the teacher's union, claiming they should all go to China. 

We sent him to his room, (which he calls the gulag).  

He says parenting is a form of big-government oppression.  

We’re hoping he’ll grow out of it when he’s no longer afraid of the dark.